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July 9, 2010

More on Foursquare

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was it thomas jefferson or the bandit from blazing saddles that said, “badges? we don’t need no stinkin’ badges!”

foursquare announced yesterday a new concept in location-based services that comes as close as we’ve seen to augmented reality. you’ve heard about badges for checkins, frequency-based discounts, and even mayorship rewards, but this is even bigger.

they call it a layer…and it’s got some wicked cool applications. a brand now has the ability to share it’s knowledge of the location to users. in human terms, i tweeted wednesday that i was in buffalo. i got 4 text messages from friends telling me things to do. (and i’m still a little upset i didn’t get a beef on weck.)

brand as friend, anyone? bueller? bueller?

how does it work for a brand? maybe your client is the syracuse board of tourism. i check in at starbucks by the office. i get pushed a message telling about the invention of the shot clock, and a suggestion to visit the museum across the street to see the latest exhibit on basketball.

or maybe your client is a hotel. i check in. this time, i’m given a list of local businesses within three blocks that will give me a discount because i’m staying at your client’s hotel.

if the organization is big enough, it could possibly be an added revenue stream through affiliate advertising. all that’s needed is a relevant story to tell.

by the numbers:

  • foursquare, the largest of the LBS platforms hit 1.9MM in membership.
  • it has 5.6MM venues.
  • 28% share on facebook. 11% share on twitter.
  • twice this week, there were over 1MM checkins in a single day (51MM impressions each day).

not all LBS are the same…and foursquare might not be the right one for your client. others to keep an eye on are

@brightkite @whrrl @yelp @loopt (Star) @CauseWorld @wereward @rally_up @WHERE @DeHood. call x1414 for more information.

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